From pen and ink and watercolours to plants and earth, Charmain uses a variety of media for expression. The media change and mix; her methods moving from conventional to experimental.  Her observation of object and form, and space are important in all her work as well as the expression of the wild wonder of nature.

Her work has been exhibited in shows and can be found in both private gardens and private collections.

Charmain, artist and educator, is an inspirational lecturer, available for speaking engagements/workshops for groups of all sizes.

Charmain is also an experienced, reliable, professional writer with articles published in magazines, newspapers, and websites, including Pacific Horticulture Magazine and SFBG News Leaflet.

In any spare time you may find her in her own garden, or reading, painting, sketching or traveling in Italy, her other passions.


Charmain Giuliani

“A great botanical artist must have a passion for flowers… unless he loves what he is drawing, unless he knows the flower in all its moods, in all stages of its development, there will be something lacking in his work.”

Wilfred Blunt, 1950.